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292 s.f. Module

292 s.f. Module

This moderne style, 1- 1/2 story was designed with 2 primary goals, 1- to maximize square footage in tight locations. 2- provide views from the loft level. Will require permit unless built with permit exempt declaration on agricultural zoned land.

We prefabricate your building at our workshop in Kula, then install it on your lot in 48 hours.Typically 1 week lead-time.  we have a zero waste ethos, each building generates only 1 trashcan of waste! 


Intreior - 292 s.f. x $99             = $28,908

Covered Lanai. 96 s.f. x $66 =  $6,336

sub total                                            $35,244

Tax                                                         $ 1,469

Total                                                     $36,713


Covered Lanai 10’ wide, 12’ roof, 4x4 posts, 4x6 beams. $ 90 per s.f.

French door, single, up to 3’ $ 600

French door, double up to 6’ $1200

Window, up to 4’ x 4’ size, insulated ,sliding,vinyl

$520 Window, 5' or 6' x 4’ size, insulated ,sliding,vinyl $680

What you get: 
Finished dried in building delivered and installed on your land. All windows and doors installed and trimmed, roof is dried in with self adhesive sub roofing. Standard roofing material is Asphalt roll roofing, though any roofing material can be ordered at extral cost.

Note: Smaller buildings are permit exempt in certain zoning areas, for example a 120 sf accessory building is allowed in residential and rural zones.You can check with the county of Maui as to what is allowed on your lot. Also advise to check if your subdivision has any CC&R's / restrictions. Ohana, Cottages require building permits, MEB can provide plans and file permits on your behalf for a fee, please contact us for details.
We prefabricate your building at our workshop in Kula, then install it on your lot in 48 hours for the 120s.f. buildings. In Agricultural zones you can build up to 5,000 s.f. AG buildings, permit exempt provided you file a declaration with the Planning dept.

  • Upgrades

    Covered Lanai 10’ wide, 12’ roof, 4x4 posts, 4x6 beams. $ 90 per s.f.

    French door, single, up to 3’    $ 600

    French door, double  up to 6’  $1200

     Window, up to 4’ x 4’ size,  insulated ,sliding,vinyl  $520

     Window, 5' or 6'  x 4’ size,  insulated ,sliding,vinyl  $680

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