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Since 2008, Maui Eco Built has strived to supply the people of Maui with the best built prefabricated building solutions available. We’ve worked hard to provide sound advice, source quality materials, and build trusted relationships with our satisfied customers.


Build Green. Build Smart!


With over twenty years experience in building construction and installing renewable energy systems, Maui Eco Built provides Maui residents the opportunity to reduce or eliminate their fossil fuel consumption. Maui Eco Built offers a diverse array of custom solutions including electric car charge ports, solar-powered buildings, and modular homes. All of our products produce minimal waste and feature high-quality materials at a low cost and almost unheard of speed.  


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What Do Our Customers Say?
"We are very pleased with the work you have done. The artistic element in the design of our PV Power Building complements our home and is pleasingly aesthetic. Thank you for consulting with us through the design and building process and always listening to our input in the design process."
Bruce Glenn, Ph.D. and Meredith Moon, Ph. D.





Our building modules are prefabricated and then brought to your property for assembly. All of our buildings are specifically adapted to optimize photovoltaic power installation. Committed to simplicity in design, we create comfortable spaces with a natural “flow” to maximize space. Our designs are environmentally friendly. Our prefabricated panel design systems create an absolute minimum of waste – less than one bag of wood cutoffs per building. 



We are committed to maintaining high standards of building. Each kit is hand-assembled in our workshop to a high degree of accuracy, allowing a quick assembly on site. They meet all U.B.C. code requirements. Our panel system components are glued and nailed to form an extremely strong structure.



We are committed to delivering our products with almost unheard-of speed. Prefabrication dramatically reduces the time spent on site, eliminating rainouts, delays in material deliveries and other problems associated with traditional building methods.



We are committed to keeping our structures affordable. Assembly cost is included in the price of the kit. This is extraordinary. Prefabrication allows us to quantify and streamline the time spent on assembling a panel system for a modular building. Labor can be the biggest variable in construction. We have worked hard to eliminate the problems usually associated with this issue. This allows us to set a fixed price for a panel system kit – with installation included.



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