1,000 s.f. Barn  House

1,000 s.f. Barn House

The Long House  Ohana / Cottage was designed for 2 Acre and up Agricultural lots or alternatively as the main house on resedential , Rural lots.It is available with a huge  Covered lanai  Typically 10'deep the length of the building.


Long House Ohana pricing:

1000 s.f. Panel system manufacture and install   $ 195,000  

500 s.f. covered lanai                                                         $ 47,500



Sub total                                                                                $242,500                     

Tax 4.0%                                                                                      $10,112  

 Total                                                                                        $ 252,612



10'deep covered lanai.             $95 per s.f.

6' french doors, steel             $1,200

6' sliding french doors vynil  $900

extra window up to 4'x4'         $450

extra window 4'x5' & 4'x6'      $550

We create any size of Building/House/ Ohana/ Accessory building here on Maui big, small or tiny! New designs from our Spring collection, Professionally made here on Maui by Maui Eco Built llc ( mauiecobuilt.com) We prefabricate your Building, House, Ohana at our workshops in Kula, then install it on your lot. Typically 1 week lead-time. 

Maui Eco Built has a zero waste ethos: Most buildings we make produce 1 trash bag of wood cutoffs!

What you get: 
Finished dried in building with all windows and doors installed and trimmed, walls are primed, caulked and painted with 2 coats of highest quality exterior paint. Can be matched to existing houses/structures already on your property. roof is dried in with self adhesive sub roofing. 

What you supply or contract out:
Roof top cap / finish. Insulation, drywall, and interior finishes by yourselves or we have a list of trusted contractors we can recommend. 


 New Laws were passed in Dec 2018 allowing bigger Ohana's and possibility of 2 Ohana's on certain Residential and Rural zoned lots, contact us for a consult. You can check with the county of Maui as to what is allowed on your lot. Also advise to check if your subdivision has any CC&R's / restrictions. Cottages 600sf in size & larger buildings typically require building permits, MEB can provide plans & file permits on your behalf for a fee, please contact us for details.

See county ordinance for 2 Ohana rules: