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Maui Fire disaster relief effort. Over the past weekend I have designed a structure to replace  burnt 20' x 20'  garage or carport structures  with a habitable structure. The plans are free  to download. We will also provide a materials list for people  with carpentry skills who can take the plans and run with it. The goal is to get people back on to their land. If you need help with the construction side of things please contact me directly at 808 359 4089. Aloha - Erik Beale, Founder Maui Eco Built llc.



  1. Applicability: Any existing dwelling and its accessory structures that were legally erected and that have been damaged in a disaster or civil defense emergency, recognized by the governor’s proclamation, pursuant to chapters 127 or 128, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

    To qualify, a structure must be registered as having been damaged during a disaster or civil defense emergency by the Maui Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). Please contact MEMA at (808) 270-7285 prior to submittal to verify if the structure has been registered.

  2. Building Permit Application: Complete PS-FORM A-Emergency forms
    If you have any questions, please contact the Development Services Administration (DSA) Building Permit Section at (808) 270-7250.

    The emergency application will be reviewed and approved by the Development Services Administration and the Department of Planning prior to the issuance of the permit. Please be aware that all other applicable County and State agencies will not be required to review and approve the emergency building permit. These County and State agencies shall be responsible for enforcing their requirements independently after issuance of the emergency building permit. It is the permittee’s responsibility to work directly with these agencies to ensure full compliance with their requirements.

    • DSA Civil Construction Section (808) 270-7242 (Contact if grading, grubbing, driveway, roadway, or other site construction proposed.)

    • Planning Department (808) 270-7253
    • Department of Water Supply (808) 270-7835
    • Fire Prevention Bureau (808) 876-4690
    • Parks & Recreation, Planning and Development Section (808) 270-7931 • Wastewater Reclamation Division (808) 270-7417

    • State Department of Health, Wastewater Branch (808) 984-8232
    • State Department of Land and Natural Resources, State Historic Preservation Division

    (DNLR-SHPD) (808) 784-5080

  3. Electrical and Plumbing Permits: The electrical and/or plumbing permit will be issued as part of this emergency building permit. Page 2 of PS-FORM A-Emergency requires the names, license nos., and signatures of the licensed electrical contractor and/or plumbing contractor and the licensed electrician and/or plumber. If you have any questions, please contact the DSA Electrical Section at (808) 270-7255 and the DSA Plumbing Section at (808) 270-7368.

  4. Construction Drawings: Applicant shall submit 3 sets of construction drawings showing the location and scope of repair work, prepared and stamped by a Hawaii licensed architect or structural engineer. Energy code certification block shall be added to the first sheet of the plan. The records of the real property tax division shall be the basis for establishing the shape and size of structures prior to damage, provided that the structures were legally constructed. If you have any questions, please


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contact the DSA Building Plans Review at (808) 270-7236.

  1. Permit Fees: All building plan review and building permit fees are required. The Building Official may defer the building plan review and building permit fees upon written request by the applicant. If granted, the fees shall be paid in full prior to the conducting of the final building inspection.

    An emergency electrical permit fee of $100 and emergency plumbing permit fee of $115 shall be paid in full prior to issuance of the emergency building permit.

  2. Permit Issuance: Copies of the approved emergency building permit and construction drawings will be distributed to the applicable County and State agencies immediately after issuance of the permit.

  3. Building, Electrical, and Plumbing Inspections: All inspections mandated by the Maui County Code are required. If you have any questions, please contact:
    • DSA Building Inspection Section: (808) 270-7375
    • DSA Electrical Section: (808) 270-7255

    • DSA Plumbing Section: (808) 270-7368

  4. Time Extensions: Building, electrical, and plumbing permits issued under this emergency permit may be extended in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Maui County Code.

  5. Approval By Default: If the building official does not take action by either approving, approving with conditions, or denying the emergency permit application within 7 calendar days after submittal of all information required by the building official, then the application shall be deemed approved.

    The time period for the emergency permit application for repair of a nonconforming building or structure that is subject to Section 19.500.110 of the Maui County Code, shall be 10 calendar days.

  6. Illegal Construction: Permits issued under this section shall not be interpreted to be an approval of any violation of federal, state, or county statutes, ordinances, or rules. The issuance of a permit shall not relieve the owner(s) from complying with any applicable statutes, ordinances, or rules. Structures or portions thereof that were illegally constructed shall not be repaired under the emergency permit.

    Other permits or approvals may be required to do the work proposed, and it is the responsibility of the owner and permittee to obtain all appropriate permits and approvals prior to the start of work.

  7. Helpful Links:
    • KIVA Land & Permitting System (to check building permit application status) • Real Property Tax Information
    • County of Maui Public Documents
    • Maui County Codes
    • Construction Permits and Applications
    • Request for Service


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Emergency Permit Procedures 7/2021

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